How can you compare one royalty-free music platform to another based on the quality of their service? This information can help you better understand the platforms’ business practices and the kind of relationships they hope to build with the people who use them.

What we’re willing to do behind the scenes to truly pick music that genuine producers desire to use in their work is what we call quality at PremiumBeat. Whether or not our work is relevant to yours in such a way that we can collaborate for the long haul is what matters most to us when it comes to quality. Naturally, we’re in the business of looking for long-term partnerships with our customers. However, this is what we do, and we want to do it correctly. Because if you don’t, what’s the point? Doing nothing is a waste of time.

Our specialty is exclusivity, as previously said. We’re discerning, and we made that decision in 2005, and we haven’t changed our minds since then. It’s hard to argue with the size and popularity of our library after all these years. For us, “we” refers to the music industry pros we hired back when we started our business.

Our acquisitions team still listens to every song that comes in. Naturally, we reject more tracks than we accept, but those with promise must undergo additional scrutiny. Three team members must approve each channel before it can be added to the collection. To do this, we’ll collaborate with you and the artist to fine-tune the original recordings’ loops, clips, and stems so you can produce the exact sound you want. It’s important to us that you can find the track you’re looking for in the library. Therefore we spend a lot of time thinking about and researching the metadata we apply.

With each new addition to our collection, we can provide you with a variety of relevant possibilities with just one click. A good illustration of this is the type of music we call World Music. It includes music from over twenty different countries, allowing you to discover new sounds for your projects and broadening your horizons.