The impact of Boston hardcore on rock music

From the ruins of Boston’s hardcore movement of the 1990s, a group of bands emerged that would forever alter the rock landscape. Their narrative is told here. Compared to Black Flag in Los Angeles, Agnostic Front and Cro-Mags in New York, Bad Brains and Minor Threat in Washington, D.C., and Washington DC in the 1980s, […]

Taylor Swift writes so many one-note tunes.

As much as her notoriety may make it easy to forget that Taylor Swift is a singer-songwriter of a generational caliber. She’s always had an ear for a tune and a way with words that few musicians can match. Our Song, for instance, was her first US number one. It’s a classic teen love story […]

Music has evolved in several ways in the last decade.

Music-wise, the previous decade had also been anything but a stroll in the park – marked by creativity, upheaval, and change. In the wake of streaming, music evolved due to how we listened to it. Songs became shorter, genres merged, and linguistic boundaries were broken down. Charlie Harding, a songwriter, and Nate Sloan, a musicology […]

Apps for Android and iOS with the Best Free Music

If you’re looking for the most excellent free music apps for your new smartphone, look no further. Whether you’re looking for Android or iOS music apps, we’ve got you covered. Free music streaming, podcasts, radio stations, and more are available through the most delicate music applications for Android and iOS. You may listen to music […]

Technology Will Revive Live Music Events in 7 Ways

Technology can help revitalize local live music events in a variety of ways. Operate a business attempting to figure out how to stage a live music event in the aftermath of a pandemic. You should take advantage of everything technology has to offer. Here are seven ways that technology will likely aid in the revival […]

How Much Do Streaming Music Services Make?

The Trichordist looked at the most recent data from an extensive independent label this year. The brand has approximately 200 albums in its library, with over 200 million streams per year. It’s a representative sample, but it doesn’t include deals with large labels done behind closed doors (including hefty advances and preferred advertising slots). The […]