Apps for Android and iOS with the Best Free Music

If you’re looking for the most excellent free music apps for your new smartphone, look no further. Whether you’re looking for Android or iOS music apps, we’ve got you covered.

Free music streaming, podcasts, radio stations, and more are available through the most delicate music applications for Android and iOS. You may listen to music for free, anytime and anywhere, by downloading one of several apps to your device. Be aware that most free music applications are ad-supported, so be prepared to hear many advertisements. If you’ve had enough of the commercials, several free music applications offer premium upgrades.

You can check out a list of the world’s finest free music apps compiled by Digital Music News.

Pandora has expanded significantly to provide more than just personalized music playlists in its many years of streaming. Podcasts, album comments, and information about upcoming artist tours are now available to listeners. Some satellite radio DJs are now available on Pandora, thanks to SiriusXM’s takeover of the platform. After watching a video advertisement, the app occasionally gives out free Premium unlocks for an hour or so. On Android and iOS, it’s one of the most excellent free music apps.


Spotify continues to reign supreme among the top free music apps for iOS and Android. Playlists and recommendations are available in the ad-supported free version. Some tracks aren’t available to free Spotify users. You can shuffle and listen to pre-organized playlists on desktop and mobile on Spotify’s free plan, but you can only mix and listen to pre-organized playlists on mobile. It’s a restriction that Spotify thinks would entice free users to upgrade to Premium. Spotify remains one of the most excellent free music apps for mobile devices, despite the continual assault of advertisements.

Amazon Prime Music

As part of their Amazon Prime membership, subscribers get access to two million hand-curated songs. Amazon Music Prime subscribers have access to thousands of radio stations and playlists. Prime members can listen to their radio stations offline and skip any song they want. For hands-free music listening, the service is also compatible with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa.

With this offering, Amazon is competing with Pandora. However, Amazon hopes that users will upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited to gain access to on-demand music streaming. The best free music apps for Android devices is Amazon Music Prime, despite having a limit of two million songs that come and go.


SoundCloud has over 150 million original songs from artists all over the world. Because it provides on-the-fly creation tools, it’s one of the best free music apps for listeners and creators alike. Fans can vote for their most liked and comment on songs, while artists can expand their audience. SoundCloud’s recommendation system also aids music discovery. On both iOS and Android, SoundCloud is one of the best music apps for creators to reach out to an indie music audience.


If you’re fine with just listening to what’s on YouTube, Musi is one of the best music apps for iOS. You can use this app to make playlists from YouTube videos and organize them however you want. The user interface is far superior to YouTube Music, making it a viable option for iOS users. On Android, there is a free music app called Musi, but it is not from the same developer.

YouTube Music

Google is slowly but steadily moving away from Google Play Music in favor of YouTube Music. Lyrics, playlists, radio stations, and music videos are all updated in real-time and available on the service. The YouTube Music import tool for Google Play Music is now available, but some users say it’s a little wonky. If you can stomach the ads, YouTube Music is the best free music app on Android if you’re just getting started. If not, there is a paid upgrade option that will get rid of them.