2020’s Best Free Podcast Apps

In many families in the United States, podcasting is swiftly replacing the radio. Spotify is at the forefront of this expansion, but it isn’t even close to becoming one of the finest podcast apps for iPhone or Android. Take a look at these suggestions to pick a podcasting app that fits your needs. For additional information about each app, both for iOS and Android devices, scroll down.

Overall, the Best Podcast Apps

1.Google Podcasts
2. Overcast
3. BeyondPod
4. Spotify
5. Downcast
6. Stitcher
7. TuneIn Radio
8. Apple Podcasts

Apps for Cross-Platform Podcasting

Google Podcasts

Google is launching its podcasting app in the wake of the demise of Google Play Music. It has a simple UI that fits the material design of Android. It also works with Google’s smart speaker ecosystem, allowing users to request episodes using their voice.

Google Podcasts, out of all of Google’s recent attempts, is worth checking out. Because of its clean interface, it’s one of the best podcast apps for Android. Doggcatcher or Pocket Casts are likely to be preferred by power users.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a great podcast app that combines live sports with AM and FM radio. TuneIn is thus one of the top podcast apps for AM addicts. Still not ready to say goodbye to talk and sports radio? Don’t. TuneIn Radio provides worldwide access to over 100,000 AM and FM radio stations. It combines live radio with some of the top podcasts from a variety of genres. There is also live news from companies such as the BBC, MSNBC, and Fox News.


Stitcher is a subscription-based on-demand radio service that specializes in radio and podcasts. It works on a wide range of systems and includes a powerful web player. Around 2016, is formed as an alternative to Apple’s stranglehold on the podcasting landscape.

Stitcher gathers information from tens of thousands of sources and organizes it into stations. On the Stitcher platform, major media outlets like the BBC, Fox News, NPR, and others mix it up. Deezer, a music streaming service, briefly controlled the service before selling it in 2016.


Downcast is aimed at power users. However, the user interface hasn’t been updated in a long time. Nonetheless, it works with iOS, macOS, and CarPlay to allow you to listen to podcasts on the move. It’s not as powerful as Overcast or Castro, but it’s worth mentioning.

Apple Podcasts

Apple invented the podcast format and dominated the market for the first several years. However, compared to some of the top podcast apps for iPhone, the Apple Podcasts app is infamously barebones. Overcast or Castro 3 would be better for power listeners.

On iOS devices, you’re better off using third-party software until Apple updates its Podcasts app.


When compared to the other Android podcast apps on this list, BeyondPod is a little outdated. It still works well enough for watching episodes, although users report numerous issues. BeyondPod has intelligent playlists that are created based on your listening preferences.